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David Beckham

To Alan,
Thanks for all your help
David Beckham

Alan Shearer

To Alan

Thanks. Best Wishes.

Alan Shearer



Mrs Jean Mellor, Sheffield

I have a badly arthritic knee, stemming from an athletics injury when I was a teenager (ca 1958). Whilst it had given me minor problems throughout my life, about 17 years ago it became particularly severe to the point that I could barely support my own weight. At this point I consulted my GP and was referred to an orthopaedic specialist, but due to the limited life of such replacements, he was unwilling to carry out an operation until I reached the age of 60 (5years in the future).  However, I continued in great pain (despite anti inflammatories) and could hardly walk at all. But about this time, I happened to hear a local radio broadcast in which Alan Smith was commenting on sports injuries, and desperate for relief, I contacted him and made an appointment.  He recommended strengthening the muscles that support the knee as well as exercises to carry out at home.  There was an immediate improvement which continued progressively over several months. To this day, 15 years later, I am still “on my feet” walking moderate distances and following a reasonably normal life and putting off a replacement operation.  Being a naturally active person, to be put into the position of inactivity is a depressing situation. I can say that the treatment and encouragement I have found in the care of Alan Smith has been exemplary in “changing my life”.
Thank you,  Alan



I had my right knee replaced in 1996, right hip in 1999 and my left knee in 2007, as usual all through participating in sport (cricket to be precise – wicket keeper/opening bat)

I have had follow up treatment on every occasion by your good self and how thankful I have been of your unbelievable expertise and quality of treatment.  If it hadn’t been for your expertise after my left knee replacement, I can honestly say, “In my opinion I would be in a wheelchair today if it wasn’t for you”

I have had the same Consultant for every operation and I would trust this gentleman with my life, but after my left knee replacement in 2007 and physiotherapy at the hospital, they said they couldn’t get my knee any straighter.  After talking to my Consultant, we decided to try the Physiotherapy Department at another hospital who after numerous visits, they gave me the same diagnosis.

I wasn’t happy with this diagnosis. So knowing you from previous visits, I came to seek your advice.

You suggested carrying out physiotherapy treatment. My Consultant was over the moon when he heard you were going to treat me. Your words were, if I carried on as I was my back would go and my deportment would completely change.

I wish to thank you for putting me through hell but I can assure you I am grateful and extend my sincere gratitude for your expert treatment that still allows me to walk.

Sincere regards,
John Preen


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